About us

“Through engagement we retain what we learn.”

Carla and Tammy, Mums of two independent little girls Harper and Grace.
Tammy created her first tower because Grace was determined  to help  in the kitchen. With limited bench space and a dining chair or step stool creating a safety issue, Tammy researched and found a safety stool is exactly what Grace needed.
So with the original learning tower being made and now covered in avocado thanks to Grace, My Little Giggles and the My Little Helpers learning tower was created, designed and built in our very own living rooms.
With our love and passion for everything handmade we are now expanding our business with exciting and wonderful products we hand craft.

“Our Lives”

“Our lives have been touched by angels, these little creatures are the custodians of our future and as such we aim to give them the best environment for learning and experiencing the world with wonder and joy, our journey as guardians of their future we endeavour to simplify the unimaginable and cultivate life long learning through inclusion and community.”

“Our Philosophy”

“Engage is our driving mantra, we want to be fully immersed in our craft and deliver products of value and enjoyment, the three horsemen of happiness.”

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Do today what needs to be done.”