Nofred Harbour House – Rosa

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Size – Suitable for 3+ Years

W: 34 H: 39.3 D: 23.5 cm


Nofred’s new coloured Harbour

House is designed for playing

with on its own or as multiples. It

can be placed open or as a ‘street

view’ row or terrace, lined up in

the manner of Nyhavn’s higgle

dy-piggledy buildings.

Imaginative play without limits

was the key inspiration in the

houses’ design, so there are doors

to both front and side for popping

in to see the neighbours when

the houses are in terrace forma

tion. There’s also a chimney and

a roof window for figures to jump

through or wave from. The hous

es’ doorways and windows are

designed to accommodate Play

mobil figures, and LEGO, Sylva

nian Families and animal figures

will all feel at home in them too.

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Nofred is a Danish brand of iconic,

beautiful and playful interior

products for kids. With an eye on

sustainability, every piece is about

timelessness, quality and superior

craftsmanship – designed and

made to endure and to be enjoyed

for many years. It’s the little things

that make up the bigger picture.

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