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What is a Learning Tower? (or Montessori Learning tower) and why care?

Learning tower Cooking using a learning tower

Who should use Learning Towers & why.

Montessori Learning tower, the low down.

Montessori learning tower, also called a kitchen helper or (in our case my little kitchen helper for kids, is a practical stool for the elevating the lour little loved ones to participate in kinetic activities we do every day.

Children experience the world by copying us that we need to accommodate their height in our world. How a learning tower helps you organise your life around your home to engage kids in your activities.

This is when a Montessori kitchen helper/learning tower aka safe toddler stepping stool comes in handy. Whether you’re raising your toddler according to Montessori education or not, no one can deny the engagement of a child when we allow them to participate, they love to learn and this little helper cannot come more highly recommended. recommend this item.